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We are researchers studying the impacts of chemical weapons use by law enforcement agencies in Portland, OR.

The extended use of chemical weapons (gasses, smokes, etc.) has already had a noticeable impact on the ecology of our city; we want to do what we can to swiftly mitigate the impact on human and environmental health. Our long-term goal is to assess the likely impact of these residues on local ecosystems and mitigate the damage as much as possible.

That is where you come in: we need you to be our eyes, ears, and cameras around the city!

We want your photographs of:

  • chemical weapons recovered at the scene of a PDX protest
  • chemical weapons while they are being deployed

We are especially interested in photos accompanied by date, time, and location information, or any other context you can share. If you have thoughts or interpretations, we are happy to hear those as well. Our only requirement is that you include at least one photo of the item in each report.

Photos can be from any time during the 2020-2021 protests in Portland Oregon.


Form submissions are managed securely via Netlify by DAPPER Stats, the company of lead researcher Dr. Juniper L. Simonis (they/them).

Observations will be collated and made publicly available on our website. We will remove identifying information from all text and photos before sharing any part of your report. Photos will only be used for research and education purposes. If you would like to be credited if your photos are used, please note that below.

If you have any questions or concerns contact lead researcher Dr. Juniper L. Simonis (they/them).

If you would prefer to submit your report via secure email instead, please send the photo and accompanying information to

Nine examples of munition photos arranged in a 3x3 grid; top row from the left: three SAF Smoke triple chaser grenade parts, the top of a triple chaser grenade, the grenade's smoke; the middle from the left: front, back, and bottom of a CS Instantaneous Blast grenade; bottom row from the left: intact powder balls and powder ball fragments, impact of a powder ball close up in the road, pulled back shot of multiple powder ball impacts in the road


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Munitions Record

Please fill out as many of the fields below as you can


If possible, all sides of the weapon and any identifying numbers. Multiple photos should be uploaded together.

Example: Defense Technology

Example: Triple Chaser SAF Smoke Grenade

Example: 2007

Example: 5

Example: 12399

Example: Only to be used by trained officers


Multiple photos should be uploaded together.

Example: July 26th 2020, 10 PM

Name, badge number, helmet number


Example: July 27th 2020, after 1 AM

Nearest intersection, address, GPS, park name, etc.

Additional Information

Uncertainty about date found or deployed, links to tweets, context of the usage, your body's reaction to this weapon, your contact information

If you would like to be credited for photos, let us know how to refer to you.