Direct Impact® 40 mm Marking Crushable Foam Round

The casings for 4 direct impact rounds are pictured. The casing appears to the eye, short and stubby compared to other shell casings pictured in this library. In truth, the munition is about the same length as all of the other rounds when the foam bullet is housed within it. Without the foam round, the casing is only just over two inches long. Lettering on the casing says `Direct Impact Marking` in green paint on the smooth aluminum. The round is lipped at the bottom and from this angle we can see where the firing pin is meant to strike to ignite the black powder and propell the round. The firing pin strike zone is made of copper or brass and slightly dimpled in the very center. Numbers are inset into the metal on either side of the strike zone.

Direct Impact® 40 mm Marking Crushable Foam Round; item: 6326 direct impact marking round by Defense Technology® and containing Paint