Skat Shell® 40 mm Multiple Projectile Round, CS

The SKAT Shell is pictured on concrete ground, held in place by a person's hand with gun metal grey nailpolish. The shell is a long cylindrical tube with a lip at the bottom, similar to a shotgun shell. It's made of what looks like stainless steel or aluminum. Silver in color. Faint scratch lines along the metal that are more known than felt. It looks to be about 5 inches long. Stamped on the shell in a thin paint designed for metal cans like soda pop and beer are the words; `Defence Technology, SKAT shell, CS, 40 millimeter multiple projectile.` SAFARILAND is written at the bottom with a part number and expiration date.

Skat Shell® 40 mm Multiple Projectile Round, CS; item: 6172 tear gas shot multi projectile by Defense Technology® and containing CS