Skat Shell® 40 mm Multiple Projectile Round, Saf-Smoke™

An aluminum cylinder of roughly 5 inches long and 40 millimeters wide is pictured on a smooth concrete floor. The cylinder is stamped with metal paint that reads; `CM, Skat Shell, Saf-Smoke, 40 millimeter multiple projectile` The shell has a Defence Technologies logo on the bottom of it, and a warning message below it indicating this product is for authorized personnel only. Beneath this it says `Safariland` above an experation date and a product number. The shell itself resembles a large shotgun shell, lipped at the bottom of the cylander.

Skat Shell® 40 mm Multiple Projectile Round, Saf-Smoke™; item: 6173 smoke shot multi projectile by Defense Technology® and containing Terephthalic.Acid