Triple-Chaser® Separating Canister, CS

three parts of a Defense Technology Triple Chaser CS Grenade set next to each other with black scuffed text identifying the canisters. The canisters are aluminum, and designed to stack together, so there's a flared aluminum seat above 2 of the 3 canisters, though this is not shown well here as one of the canisters seems to have fallen apart and the other appears to have nearly completely melted, the flared aluminum seats usually resemble a small cookie tin without a lid. On the third piece, a lid is crimped on smoothly with a trigger mechanism within the lid. The trigger mechanism here is shown with the plastic trigger still covering the metal trigger mechanism. Around the trigger mechanism, 4 holes are machined into the trigger lid surrounding the trigger machanism itself. Inside the seats of the two canisters without triggers, 4 machined holes set into their lids around the center of the canister, and a 5th hole in their centers. Though this is not shown for the melted canister.

Triple-Chaser® Separating Canister, CS; item: 1026 cs triple chaser grenade by Defense Technology® and containing CS