Triple-Chaser® Separating Canister, Saf-Smoke™

three parts of a Defense Technology Triple Chaser SAF Smoke Grenade set next to each other with yellow text identifying the canisters. The canisters are aluminum, and designed to stack together, so there's a flared aluminum seat above 2 of the 3 canisters, resembling a small cookie tin without a lid. On the third piece, a lid is crimped on smoothly with a trigger mechanism within the lid. The trigger mechanism here is shown as metal components missing pieces due to being used. Around the trigger mechanism, 4 holes are machined into the trigger lid surrounding the trigger machanism itself. Inside the seats of the two canisters without triggers, 4 machined holes set into their lids around the center of the canister, and a 5th hole in their centers.

Triple-Chaser® Separating Canister, Saf-Smoke™; item: 1027 saf smoke triple chaser grenade by Defense Technology® and containing Terephthalic.Acid